What Topics to Write Your Blog Posts On

By | November 14, 2015

So often I encounter business owners and entrepreneurs who are willing to start a company blog, but are unable to come up with ideas about what to write them on.  They are committed, but in the wrong ways. They very often pursue their urges to write blogs and web content about their vision, their agenda and how awesome their products and services are.  WRONG!

Unfortunately, your target audience doesn’t want to hear you talk about you and how good you are. They, more than probably, could care less about your vision and how it’s better than your competition. What they do want to know is information from a knowledgeable source. They want to read blogs that contain answers to their pain points and questions.

Think about it this way…when you’re marketing your business – it’s not you who you’re trying to please, but your potential customers. Your potential customers care about their own problems and challenges and are looking for people who share their pain. They want answers, ways out and solutions. They want you to show them how much you know about your industry, so that they can establish you as an authority and best source of info.

Remember, trust drive sales. Therefore, your strategies needs to be centered around the fact that it’s about your customers and that requires you to change your point of view and how you direct your blog and web content.

Begin by thinking of your business as a solution. From there, think about what issues your customers might have. Come up with the answers to every possible question or objection you can think of. Write your content as if you understand these issues and face them yourself. When you genuinely identify with your readers they will start to trust you.

If you’re having trouble getting into the minds of your customers…I recommend you read Success Secrets of Sales Superstars, by sales experts Barry Farber and Robert L. Shook. They interviewed 34 industry leaders to discover the sales moves that took them to the top. In this edited excerpt, the authors also provide a humorous first-hand account from Joe Bourdow, former president of Valpac Direct Services Inc., that illustrates how going the extra mile for a customer can set you apart from the competitors.

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