Why Marketers Must Move Beyond ‘Branded Content’ and Create Entertainment

By | October 30, 2016

I just read this amazing article on AdWeek.com with a dead-on tip for all businesses looking to expand their product and service offerings. I highly recommend all my readers and website visitors to read it. Many times, I see people/companies asking me to write blogs with specific, for computer-eyes-only keywords placed strategically throughout their compositions. What they forget is that there is a human element to blogs and content. Here is a snippet of the article:

As audiences migrate to commercial-free streaming platforms, more and more brands are looking to engage consumers through entertaining original programming. And the entertainment world has caught on to that reality.

Hollywood is responsible for today’s best adverts and promotional films, not advertisers. People are sometimes shocked by this idea, but it’s absolutely true. The Lego Movie is a cinematic advertisement for Legos. The upcoming film, Assassin’s Creed, is a $200 million promotion for the popular video game series.

Of course, different types of brands have different options available to them. But no matter the budget, level of brand awareness or consumer appeal, almost any brand can entertain through one of three primary approaches.

At the end of the day, most content marketing efforts today focus on education and advertising. While this is a great place to  start,  it can also be a missed opportunity to interact with readers and connect to them on a personable level. Content that entertains, on the other hand, is often funny, frequently highly shareable, and often is able to quickly transform a “company” into a “group of people just like me.” This aspect of just like me can be crucial in building trust and separating yourself from the rest.

Try it! If you have any questions or need help getting the boost, contact me. I will be glad to help. If you want to remember one thing from this post, it should be this sentence: People don’t remember facts, figures, numbers, or statistics. But they recall, and spread, stories.

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