10 Ways to Improve Classroom Discussions

Classroom discussions are an effective way to promote active learning, critical thinking, communication skills, and engagement, while also fostering a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and experiences. Here are just ten simple ways to promote discourse among your students.

About the Right to Read Commission

The Right to Read Commission was established in Canada in 2020, in response to growing concerns about literacy rates among Canadian children. The commission was tasked with examining the current state of literacy in Canada and developing recommendations for improving literacy rates across the country. The need for the commission was driven by a number… Read More »

How to Compose an Email in Google Docs

Google recently released a new Google docs feature. The feature allows GSuite users to compose emails directly in a Google Doc. Read the blog post to find out how to draft an email in Google Docs in 4 easy steps. You can write and send emails directly from a Google Docs document, without ever needing… Read More »

How to Find Tab to Search on Google Chrome

Are you one of those Google Chrome users who has lot of tabs open at the same time? Having a lot of tabs open in Chrome can make things challenging for you and your productivity. This Google Chrome trick can help you find and switch to a specific tab flawlessly within seconds. To ensure access… Read More »